Puppies are 6 weeks old.

Males: Alwaro, Amaron, Aragon, Argo, Armen

alwaro amaron aragon argo armen

Females: Abony, Akira, Allegra, Arna, Annabell

abony akira allegra amber annabell

We are very excited to announce our first litter of puppies with a distinguished pedigree.

Sire:  Aron Cerny krasavec

              * 16.01.2016, Height at withers 72cm, HD/A, ED/0

               VN -3X , V1-3X, CAC-3X Res.CAC-1X

Pedigree origins are French, Czech, US and Chinese. His progenitors have garnered many championships. Very strong bone structure. No health issues. Jaws, teeth and joints are perfectly developed. Competition judges have deemed his movement perfect.  He has a friendly, family-oriented personality but still demonstrates traits of a very good guard dog.

antares f litter1 f litter2 f litter3 


AronĀ“s parents:

Lila Aitan Cargo x Amarok Bubbledog

aron p1 aron p2


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